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Terriente (Teruel)
Sierra de Albarracín


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Terriente is part of Albarracín Mountains in the province of Teruel. The privileged situation between Valencia and Madrid has helped to have a rich history and important settlements. The region has wonderful places to enjoy and incredible adventures to discover, you can do and adventure trip or relaxing tourism. Here is a little part of what you can experience in Albarracín Mountains.


Ródeno Pine Forest

You can enjoy the unique landscape of sandstone a distinctive red and its pinewoods. You can find cave paintings and a settlement of the Bronze Age.

Ebrón Straits

This is an impressive route where you will find huge rock formations created by water over thousands of years.

Portera route

This route is around Orihuela and Bronchales, find the purest nature with stately pines and even deers.

Cabriel eyes

The spring of Cabriel river is a wonderful place, on this route you will find the famous Waterfall San Pedro's Mill and the "eyes" of Cabriel that are bubbles rising from the river flow.

Bronchales sink holes

In contrast to other routes here you only find low vegetation, sinkholes and chasms. It is a short route that can be done easily on foot.

Deep Ravine

In this case we will find gray rocks, lush green vegetation and the river has broken through the ravines.

Savines of Monterde

This is an impressive savines wood, the largest in Europ. You will also find the lovely farmhouse of Monteagudo where if you want you can ride horses.


It is an urban route to enjoy the landscape of the riverside, the fort and the town of the charming village of Albarracín.

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The food in this area have strong Muslim roots, we also enjoy our wonderful resources of our area both from forest and animal.

The region is a mycological paradise. Its different altitudes and climatic diversity allows more than one thousand different species of fungi are developed. It is also an area with an important tradition of hunting. In the nature reserve of Universales Mountain there are deers, wild boars, rabbits, hares, partridges and quails. Although there is an abundance of minor and major hunting in the area it has a greater importance deer.

It also has special importance trout fishing and pork sausages and game.

The most popular dish of the saw is bull stew, popular at parties localities. In addition we can find dishes like grilled lamb, gazpacho or sollapas, pastes traditional wood oven, almojábana (thread of Arab origin), etc.

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The region of Albarracín is a natural paradise. It has so many adventure activities you can do.

Horses world

You can horseback riding for novices and experts or even discover a wild herd and communicate with them.

Adventure activities

Our rivers and landscapes are ideal for adventure activities like paintball, adventure tours for families, walk with snowshoes in winter, mountain biking, ballooning, canoeing, canyoning, caving ...

4x4 routes

Meet the region with a 4x4 vehicle, you can do routes in forests and tours with spectacular scenery. It is a convenient and fun way to visit Terriente and surroundings..

Themed activities

In addition to the purely hiking trails you can make other itineraries that combine activities that may be interesting as ornithology, botany, mycology, ethnology, landscape interpretation, entomology, geology ...

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Cave art

There are different areas with cave paintings, the most prominent are the bulls from Navazo meadow, it is a large panel with representations of animals and anthropomorphic figures of Neolithic.

Albarracín Castle

Center of a muslim medina, this castle is surrounded by an incredible walled area with 10 towers.

Albarracín Museum

Inside an eighteenth century old Hospital presents the history of this particular people.

Diocesan Museum

Located in the Cathedral of the Episcopal Palace it contains the history of sacred art of this Diocese.

Torre Blanca

Part of the defense of the city of Albarracín is rehabilitated and various exhibitions are presented here.

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