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Terriente (Teruel)
Sierra de Albarracín


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Albarracin mountains enviroment

The municipality comprises Terriente and the settlement of El Villarejo.

Situated in the heart of the magnificent 'Parque Cultural de Albarracin' high in the Mountains of Albarracin.

The village center surrounds its oval-shaped town square of Baroque influence. Most of the buildings demonstrate fine examples of the popular arquitecture in these traditional farmlands. Altogether Terriente represents one of the most harmonious villages in the whole area. Grand stone-built houses dominate with their frontages decorated in monumental style, featuring arched entrances and ornamental ironwork. Apart from these grand houses known as 'Casonas Aragoneses' is the Town Hall, the Casa Grande, this building from the 16 century contains all these features plus an arched porch and a full length balcony above. The enormous parish church, also 16 century, is dedicated to Our Saviour. It counts with an impressive nave, on one side is a renaissance atrio formed of three arcades and starred cupulas. The hermitage of El Rosario, 1718-1724, is another fine example of traditional arquitecture.

The area is renowned also for a number of nearby freshwater springs, as is the quality of the water drawn from them that feed the fountains of el Cobo and el Chorizo. Terriente's privileged situation, with the Montes Universales to the fore and The Pinares de Rodenas to the east, makes it one of the most convenient bases to explore the diversity of the countryside. Flora and fauna and beautiful natural sites such as the Fuente del Buey, the Ojos del Cabriel, cascades at the ruins of the Molino de San Pedro are just a few examples of the fascinating places in these Teruel uplands. An excellent way to discover these and the many other places of natural interest is to follow the authorised routes GR10 Sierra de Albarracin and Javalambre. These healthy walking excursions cover the most popular of nature's own designs and areas of national wealth plus a delicious gastronomy awaiting those who venture into the land of southern Aragón.

Terriente is close to Moscardón, a village intent on conserving its traditional style and way of life in the south of the community. To the north is Albarracin with its perfectly maintained medieval centre, a popular area for tourists who can witnesss its historic past with its fortified walls built by Muslims and its impressive church of Santa Maria.

Terriente also boasts a large and well equipped campsite.

A natural golf course with lessons from a golf pro July and August

Fiestas: Dia de su patrona, La visitacion de la Virgen, from July 2.

The local residents are known as Terrientinos.

Gallery of Terriente and surroundings